Mark One Foods is proud to offer our BBQ Chicken and PB & J sandwiches as a revolutionary canned packaging for children's lunches. Not only does the can keep the sandwich fresh and tasty, but it also protects the sandwich from moisture and ensures it is sanitary even after miles of rugged travel.

The benefits of having canned food storage.

We strive to develop a quality canned food that will not only last a year in storage, but tastes amazing; our sandwich will be a welcome addition to your food storage pantry. The canned sandwich is a good choice, whether you are sending it with your kids to school, just as a tasty canned snack at lunch, or packing it away in your emergency storage. This makes our sandwich, with its protein and nutritional value, an intelligent and healthy choice in your selection of canned foods.

Our canned sandwich will last up to 1 year in your food storage guaranteed.At Mark One Foods, we understand how important it is for your family to enjoy wholesome food.

That's why we developed a great tasting formula for a canned sandwich that lasts over a year in storage and taste as fresh as ever, even on the day before it expires. Having the right foods in storage is important. Some canned foods are often unhealthy or taste bitter after being in storage, which is why we pride ourselves in knowing that your family will love eating our canned foods today, or a year from now.

Food Storage or Snack: your kids will love our healthy, tasty and affordable CandwichTM.

Our canned sandwich is the best choice for a healthy food without breaking the bank. It is a fast healthy food choice that you and your kids will love. Send your kids with a home lunch that will keep them satisfied all day, and give them the nutritious food they need. Since the sandwich is canned it is always easy to pack, and never gets ruined in storage or on the run. Finding the right foods for your kids can be hard, but our canned sandwich is a crowd pleaser that everyone can enjoy; as a snack or a main course food storage item.