People have different ideas about what is healthy food for a road trip; our CandwichTM is the perfect, always fresh snack food. It also works great for kids who need lunches during long road trips.

The CandwichTM is a healthy snack for a road trip or kid's lunches on the go.

Keeping food fresh on a road trip can be a challenge. Parents are typically concerned about their kids eating something that isn't sanitary. As a healthy snack or in your kid's lunches, there is nothing more sanitary for them to eat than a CandwichTM. Our CandwichTM is a great portable snack for your road trip too. Several canned sandwiches will fit into one backpack for your kids lunches, allowing them to enjoy a healthy meal at the end of the trail.

When it comes to snack food ideas, safety and healthy become very important. Our vacuum sealed CandwichTM is among the top food ideas for long road trips.

Our CandwichTM can stand up to the elements better on your long road trips and is good for moderate temperatures. Though we do recommend room temperature storage as much as possilbe. It works well as an appetizing and healthy snack on a cool winter morning or warm summer afternoon. Your kids will really enjoy a fresh lunch every time they open a can.

A healthy snack or lunches for kids; you can't beat the freshness of a CandwichTM. It's among the top ideas to avoid wasted food.

*Disclaimer: Mark One foods offers healthy snack food ideas for road trips, and lunches on the go. Please ensure your kids understand no to break the food safety seal while on road trips until they are ready for their lunches or a snack.  Our road trip food ideas are meant to provide healthy lunches to kids along with a snack when needed.  Please keep our snack foods out of extreme heat or cold during a road trip, and advise your kids to do the same.