Easy and simple lunch idea for kids
Canwich is an innovative idea for an easy lunch idea for kids. It can make for a good lunch or just a healthy snack food, the canwich is a sandwich that is compact into a twelve ounce can and the purpose is to keep the sandwich fresh until lunch time.

Simple and easy lunch
The canwich is just an easy lunch idea for kids, the kid can put it in his/her back pack and take it out at lunch time and have a fresh peanut butter and jelly sandwich ready for them. The idea of the can makes it a lot easier for portability. It is a twelve ounce that is air tight to maintain a fresh and delicious sandwich so that when somebody takes it out they can enjoy fresh and healthy snack foods. The bun is made from a special military development so that it will stay sweet, soft, and fresh for up to a year. The canwich is also a good product for preparing emergency kits such as seventy two hour kits. So send the kids off to school with delicious healthy snack foods with canwhich peanut butter and jelly new flavor available barbeque chicken.

Make lunch easy with healthy snack foods & ideas for kids
Candwich is the easy solution for families on the go who are looking for quick, healthy ideas for lunches and snack foods. The unique packaging of Candwich is not only conveniently sized to fit in your kids' lunch box, but is also a healthy food options for snacks and requires no effort to make. Candwich is the perfect idea for lunch and snack time! From school field trips, to a refuel before soccer practice to a healthy snack for a hike, Candwich is both easy and healthy.

Candwich is a great idea for a lot more than snack foods and kids' lunch too! Our packaging system works with most standard vending machines, making it a great option for offices or other buildings where people need a quick option for food. The candwich also has an extended shelf life making it ideal for emergency food storage needs, in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency situation. The bread is especially designed so it stays soft and mold-free for more than a year, tasting just as great today as it would in nine months. As a healthy snack food or an easy lunch idea for kids, Candwhich is 4-packs and 24-pack cases of Peanut Butter and Jelly, Gra as well as BBQ Honey Chicken.