Don't stress over school lunches- Our ideas are easy for you and fun for your kids!

When you're getting the kids ready for school in the morning, the last thing you want to do is worry about school lunches. The tradition peanut butter and jelly route involves multiple dirty knives, plates and kitchen counters while stealing minutes of your precious time. Don't worry moms, we've been there too, and we've done something about it. Here at MarkOne Foods we wanted an easy idea for parents packing their kids' school lunches. We also know how important it is that our idea is kid approved, especially by picky eaters. We present to you our solution: the Candwich. Our sandwich in a can has the great tastes your kids already love, but in a more exciting form. The novelty for your kids and the easiness for you make the Candwich an exciting idea for your kids' school lunches this year!

School Lunches made Easy

When you send your kids off to school with a Candwich, you are saving yourself the time and energy of not only making the lunches, but also of the cleaning and packing time involved with school lunches. That is exactly why we developed the Candwich. Simply put it in your child's lunch box with a drink and a piece of fruit, and a balanced lunch is ready to go. The preparation time is nearly eliminated for making your kids' lunches with Candwiches. There is no mess ever made, because our easy school lunch idea doesn't require knives, plates, jars or any other kitchen utensils. Clean up time is non existent with the Candwich school lunch idea.

School Lunches made Fun

The best part about Candwiches is the overwhelming support from kids. Kids love to take the Candwich for school lunches and show their friends this cool new lunch idea. They love the fun packaging and novel new idea. Most importantly, they love the same great sandwich tastes they are used to and want to eat. You can be sure that when you send your kids to school with Candwiches in their lunches, they'll eat their nutritious lunch before running off to the playground. Easy for you, fun for them!

Go Beyond School Lunches

Candwiches are perfect as an easy idea for kids' school lunches, but they work great in innumerable other situations as well. Our Candwich makes a great idea for easy road trip food. When preparing for a road trip, a lot of energy is put into packing and you shouldn't need to add the extra stress of making food. Our Candwich serves as the perfect lunch idea for long days on the road. Candwiches are also good as camping food ideas. They are easy to fit in your backpack, and will last and provide you with lunches through your entire camping or backpacking trip.