Candwich™ Markets

Candwich™ is a quick and ready to eat sandwich.  Perfect as a snack or a meal.
Candwich™ is the ideal healthier alternative for people on the go - kids, soccer moms, college students, and outdoor recreationist.
Candwich™ is perfect for people needing food in disaster stricken areas because it tastes good, has good nutritional content, and doesn’t require cooking or refrigeration.
Candwich™ has a long shelf life that is perfect for emergency food storage needs in the event of a natural disaster.
Candwich™ offers convenient packaging makes it very easy to hand-out and store.  The sandwich will not get smashed or damaged if transported in backpacks, or 72-hour disaster preparation kits.
Candwich's™ has universal appeal for young and old.   Order yours on-line today.