About Mark One Foods

Mark One Foods LLC,  a Salt Lake City, Utah based
corporation, conceived and created by Mark Kirkland, holds the exclusive rights to use the domestic and
international patents to manufacture and sell non-beverage items in a beverage sized
container. Candwich™, organized in 2003, with the help of Kirkland and dozens of other
professionals  who have invested countless man hours formulating a
product that is now ready for market. The final product is a result of over 10 years of
perfecting the bread recipe, testing the taste; shelf life, and packaging; and gauging end consumer
acceptance and preferences. The end result is a uniquely packaged,
convenient, healthy and tasty alternative to fast food and unhealthy snacks that
consumers have been demanding.

With domestic patents secured and international patents pending Candwich™is in a
unique position to market and sell food items (or any other non-beverage item) in
beverage sized containers. Because of the patents, no one else can legally compete with
Candwich™ in packaging any non-beverage item in a beverage sized container. The
benefits of this unique packaging go far beyond the novelty of the new delivery system.
Shelf life for a sandwich is increased from a couple of weeks, to several years because of
the uniquely developed military “step up” technology used in the base mix and the lack
of oxygen and light inside the can. Sandwiches (or other food items) remain fresh,
uncrushed, and ready to eat for years. The resulting product is ideal for vending
machines and convenience stores and a perfect fit for on-the-go travelers, campers, kids,
school vending machines, military, disaster relief, bikers, boaters, and hikers, in addition to all of
the traditional places sandwiches are consumed.

Since late 2010 Mark One Foods Corp has been perfecting
the assembly line to produce a shelf-stable sandwich by performing dozens of test runs,
making slight changes to ingredients and cook times, and adjusting machinery. In May
of 2011 Mark One Foods Corp announced the launch of their Peanut Butter and Grape
Jelly Candwich with Peanut Butter and Jelly Strawberry and Barbecue Chicken to follow later this year.

The resulting media coverage has been wide spread both domestically
and internationally including such media outlets as Today.com, Stephen Colbert, Conan
O’Brien, countless radio shows, countless online publications and bloggers, CNBC, CNN
(HLN), etc. The resulting purchasing interest in the product has been a constant flow of
online purchases, large retail prospects, potential wholesale distributers, local
convenience store clients, vending and disaster related organizations.

For more information about Mark One Foods and Candwich™ contact us today.