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CandwichTM, the official "Sandwich in a Can", is the perfect food, lunch or snack for people on the go. Busy moms that need a snack, school kids who need a lunch, and outdoor recreationists that just need food love CandwichTM. When it comes to quick on the go foods you always want healthy. CandwichTM is designed to be the healthy food or choice snack for kids. It is designed to keep your kids filled, fueled and ready for their day! The unique packaging offers convenience and protection in both lunch boxes and backpacks.   Whether packing a lunch or snack for school or work, feeding kids a healthy snack on the run, or headed out for a fun outdoor adventure, CandwichTM is a great-tasting, healthy alternative to fast food.  

With an extended shelf-life, CandwichTM is ideal for emergency food storage needs in the event of a natural disaster.   CandwichTM tastes great, and because of the specially formulated healthy recipe, the bread stays as soft and sweet after one-year in storage as it did the day it was made (If you can ever keep them around that long)! So come get your next lunch or daily snack that is healthy and something that your kids will love!




Comming soon...Pepperoni Pizza!!!